Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What am I doing at Oak Hill this semester?

The headline to this blog should be taken at face value and not as evidence of some self-doubting angst on my part (though I do of course sometimes ask 'what am I doing here?' in that sense too). For those who may be interested to know, here be my modules for year two semester one;

Introduction to Christian Theology Part 2: Covering the doctrines of Salvation, the Trinity, the Church, and the End of all things, as well as how all of these relate to one another.

Reading Biblical Hebrew: More grammar but then followed by fun stuff in semester 2.

Biblical Theology and the Book of Revelation: Does what it says on the tin - learning about biblical theology via John's Apocalypse of Christ.

Introduction to Acts and the Pauline Epistles in Greek: More New Testament overview type stuff but with learning to use Greek in exegesis.

Christian Mission in the Contemporary World: Biblical and Historical Survey of Mission and then some.

Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counselling: How to nurture people towards Christlikeness.


Ros said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I loved the Revelation course and BH2.2

By the way - what kind of rock is it that you like? The kind that says Blackpool all the way down, the kind that men with bad hair play on guitars or the kind that forms much of the earth's crust? Just curious.

Pete said...

Thanks Ros

We do miss you here you know. Plans are afoot to cordon off your chair until you return.

As for the rock, I don't mind the other two you mention but I mostly favour the kind played by men (and women) who often have bad hair (but dang it they play the guitar so well). Though I usually indulge in rock in its progressive/psychedelic/country-influenced manifestations.