Monday, September 04, 2006


September is here and so is the start of year two semester one. Actually, things don't really hot up until next week when lectures start for real, therefore I'm hoping to use some spare time this week to finish reading 'Becoming conversant with the Emerging Church' by Don Carson. This book is proving to be very helpful in thinking through the issues around reaching post-modern people with the gospel (the Emerging Church movement which Don Carson is writing about is a particular kind of response to post-modernism).

With that in mind I have had my attention drawn to this article by American Presbyterian Pastor Tim Keller, which argues that reformed evangelical theology has the resources needed to reach out to postmoderns without the need to sell various doctrines down the river (usually sin, judgment, substitutionary atonement) as sadly seems to be happening in some 'Emerging Church' contexts.

As usual the solution is not to change the gospel or cut out bits of the bible but to dig deeper into its rich resources which speak to every age.

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