Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mars Hill Church

Following on from the previous post, this church looks interesting. Mars Hill Church Seattle is pastored by Mark Driscoll, and defines itself as in some ways an emerging church whilsts wanting to be distanced from the theological liberalism elsewhere in the movement (Mark seems to be basically Reformed Evangelical in his thinking as far as I can tell, with some Charismatic stuff thrown in for good measure). Apparently Don Carson recommended two books by Mark at a recent conference as combining good theology and practice with respect to the whole Emerging Church issue.

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Pete Horlock said...

There's another "Mars Hill" - Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids MI ( Unlike Mars Hill Seattle, MHBC is theologically coming from the emerging perspective. Just compare the 'what we believe' sections of MHBC with MH Seattle to see the emphasis on story rather than doctrinal statements. It's worth listening to the sermon by Rob Bell "Jesus wants to save Christians Part 3" where he looks at Hell. You'll get a flavour of how an emerging church handles the bible and a difficult doctrine.