Friday, June 02, 2006

One down, two to go...

The exams are over. All that awaits me now are three months of sunbathing, playing cricket, reading, listening to the Flaming Lips, afternoon pints in the local beer garden...well, all that and

- Writing the Quiet Time notes and preparing the leader's training for our Camp
- Summer in the City mission in Sheffield
- Preaching twice at Christ Church Central
- Keeping up the Greek and Hebrew (tests in opening week of next year!)
- Fund-raising for next year
- Decorating and moving into a new flat

Not a bad summer really.

Hard to believe I've done one whole year at college (using 'year' in a very loose way that really means nine months). The thought of only two more to go is both exciting (because who want sto spend his whole life learning about ministry and not really ministering?) and frightening (because who dares to be ministering after so little training when there's so much to learn and the bible is a big book and the LORD is a very big God and people's lives are affected which really matters?).

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GillandMikeOC said...

well done Pete, its a nice feeling, post exam bliss. See you over the summer,

Michael O'C