Friday, June 09, 2006

God speaks to create and re-create

I have finally finished the quiet time notes for our camp. They're all on the theme of 'God Speaks' and loosely trace this idea from creation to new creation. I was aiming to

a. Present the Gospel clearly and biblically over the course of the week.
b. Introduce the children to a broad sweep of the bible and give them some vague sense of the shape of salvation history.
c. Plug some of the doctrinal gaps in much of the preaching they might hear more regularly (e.g. not much on creation, or heaven as new creation for that matter)
d. Therefore, (hopefully) present something of the story-flow of the gospel as well as it's internal logic and consistency.

The sessions are as follows (feel free to steal as all my ideas are stolen too);

1. God has spoken and made the world (Creation)
2. God has spoken but people don't listen (Fall)
3. God has spoken and promised to save (Prophecy)
4. God has spoken his final word - Jesus
5. God has spoken and promised a perfect future (New Creation)
6. God has spoken - what should we do about it? (about being good listeners from the parable of the sower in Mark 4)

The Camp isn't until the first week in August, but please pray for it if you get the time.

As for Claire and I, we're off on holiday from Saturday. Things may go a little quiet here for a couple of weeks but I'm sure to return with a vengeance (and maybe some photos).

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