Thursday, June 08, 2006

More from Whitefield

As I've said elsewhere I'm currently using 'loo-time' to enjoy some George Whitefield. Just the other day I came across this nugget (bits put in bold by me for emphasis). George Whitefield is talking about the promise of a bodily resurrection for Christians;

"Fear not, therefore, O believers, to look into the grave: for to you it is no other than a consecrated dormitory, where your bodies shall sleep quietly until the morning of the resurrection; when the voice of the archangel shall sound, and the trump of God given the general alarm, 'Arise, ye dead, and come to judgment'; earth, air, fire, water shall give up your scattered atoms, and both in body and soul shall you be ever with the Lord."

How exciting is that? In Christ death becomes little more than sleep. And what a great picture of God re-forming and re-generating our bodies even though they might be decomposed and scattered across the globe.

He goes on to describe what great news it is for us as we live our lives now in creaky, fallen bodies prone to illness and decay, that one day we'll have renewed bodies like Christ's.

And while we're on the subject, given that we're going to be getting resurrection bodies, is it ok to put in a request now to be re-made with a six-pack rather than a beer belly?

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