Friday, March 17, 2006

Filey Gospel Camp

Last weekend Claire and I attended the annual reunion of the summer camp we serve at. The camp runs every year at Filey (east yorkshire coast) with over thirty 9-12 yr olds attending, many from difficult backgrounds and most from non-christian homes.

The reunion was really helpful for me as my own level of enthusiasm for the camp had been waning recently. Serving amongst what can be a diverse bunch of leaders has been hard. However, seeing some of the children again, particularly those who professed Christ last year, was a very welcome reminder of why we do the camp in the first place. My enthusiasm has been re-ignited. It's my job to compile the quiet time notes for the children this year, so please pray about that (and give me any suggestions you've got).

My long term vision is for the camp to have an annual leader's training day that would help build the team and train some of the younger leaders. We've tried unsuccessfully to start this in recent years. Added to this, Claire and I have talked in the past about running a follow-on camp for teenagers, especially since many of them drift off from 13 onwards, even those who've shown some sort of response to the gospel in the past. The administrative and legal headache that such a ministry would pose has been a disincentive to get cracking in many ways. Prayers and ideas highly valued.

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