Friday, February 02, 2007

This Semester

Well, for those interested in this sort of thing (and especially those graciously praying for Claire and I and supporting us financially), here's what I'm studying this semester

Introduction to the Old Testament 2: From 1/2 Kings to Malachi in thirteen weeks
Introduction to Christian Ethics: Sort of does what it says on the tin really. Lecture handouts are posted HERE
Reformation Church History: Luther to the Puritans via Queen Elizabeth
New Testament in Greek: Carried on from last semester. This time we get stuck into Romans 4-8 in Greek. And most of the rest of Paul's letters in English.
Reading Biblical Hebrew: Carried on from last semester. 1 Kings 12ff. in the original language and more delights.

I'm now just beyond the halfway point (gulps and realises how far he ought to come in just a short while)of the three years and it just keeps getting better, and harder, and more challenging personally.


Marc Lloyd said...

I'm not sure ethics does what it says on the tin, does it?

It felt to me a bit like: (1) how to think (2) O! How I Love Your Law (3) A few things I've been wanting to say. Maybe (3) is not quite fair: perhaps that's Puritan Perspectives For Ministry I'm confusing it with!

And it was a delight and everyone ought to do the course and read the handouts and...

Pete said...

I guess I'll be in a better place to judge when I've finished the module. After week one I felt pretty much 'introduced to ethics' and like that was going to continue for the weeks ahead. Dunno, we shall see.

What would you have put in/ left out of a course on ethics?

Marc Lloyd said...

Oh I'm not sure I'd change a thing - except that I'd answer all my questions like "here is your church marriage and divorce policy and procedures handbook, just follow this".

dave williams said...

The essay questions looked scarey enough!

Isn't "How to think" critical to ethics?