Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Pete Matthew has kindly accused me of either being bored of blogging or of being a boring blogger (something to do with posting my essays, which are long). Anyway, being a people-pleaser by nature I think the solution is shorter blog posts and more of them from now on (if possible).

To kick off, here's my list of five things I've been enjoying this wednesday afternoon. Maybe you can enjoy them too.

1. Romans 5:17. It was a little complicated to fit together in the greek, but what a verse!

2. Slowly becoming a postmillenialist. I still have loads and loads of questions, but increasingly the bits of the picture fit together (and the picture looks postmillenial). For anyone confused, have a look here for a decent brief definition and some interesting links. And yes it does matter.

3. 'Knights of Cydonia' by Muse. Like Pink Floyd and the Smashing Pumpkins got married, had a baby and then the baby grew up and listened to 'rock-era' Queen all his life, read some sci-fi novels, got mad, got sad, then made a song about it.

4. Tea/Coffee Breaks. Ros may have departed for bigger and bolder things, but the spirit of conversational theology lives on.

5. My new Mac. In the coming gospel age (see 2. above) we will all own one, to the glory of God.


Ros said...

Hooray for conversational theology that still lives on!

You might want to work out how to do cuts (my blog isn't on blogger so I can't tell you exactly) for your longer posts, so that those who are interested can click to read the whole article but others don't have to scroll through all your footnotes.

And you could point out to Pete Matthew that boring blogging is better than no blogging at all...

Pete said...

Thanks Ros, for the blogging tip. I will investigate.

And good point re. our brother Matthew.

Pete, the blogosphere needs you, re-launch 'Big Pete' sometime soon.

Big Pete said...

As I have discussed previoulsy I am a reactive genius. I don't 'do' proactive. Therefore I will, at this current time, limit myself to adding to the value of blogs like yours.

This particularly post of yours is perfect, bit of theology to get your teeth into and enough other aspects to allow amusing comments or witicisms.

Liek the mention of Pink Floyd in any post, and works especially well today as I am listening to the live version of the Wall i downloaded this week.

Big Pete said...

Ps, I never said your blog was boring - i just pointed out that it was lacking posts. and the last one had more words on then I know how to read in one sitting!

dave williams said...

Should we do redaction criticism to work out whether or not Pete said you were bored of blogging or a boring blogger. Maybe he said both...maybe he said neither and yet our hearts are enriched because we do indeed beleive that you are a boring/bored blogger whether or not he said it

(p.s. not really)

Ros said...

This is spooky, Pete. Every time I check your blog it has a different layout - are you going through a personality disorder?

thebluefish said...

there has to be a better template than this one...

Pete said...


Well, it was college quiet day.

And I was really bored of the other one, but totally undecided about the other templates on offer. Some looked pretty but obscured the text.


You cut me deep man :)

I would prefer it if it was aligned the other way round (posts on the left) but my rudimentary skills don't stretch anywhere near changing that sort of thing.

And I like orange...