Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The 'New Perspective on' Poll

This Poll allows you to have a say in what new perspective(s) this blog adopts. Due to a groundswell of public dissension (two or three people) concerning the constant and unnecessary (some would say garish) recent style changes on this blog, one has decided to 'take it to the people'. Like all good polls, this one may or may not result in an actual change of policy.

What style/colour should this blog be?
The way it was for ages until Pete started messing about last week
The boring blue (current)
The future's bright the future's orange (like boring blue but orange)
Pink and fluffy
As plain as possible
A bit of a David Cameron ('let's try being green for a while')
I really don't care, just stop changing it all the time

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You can also visit the poll at this site here.


Ros said...

I'm slightly alarmed that when I filled in the poll I was then invited to take a quiz on 'What is the sexiest part of the body?'. I'm hoping you didn't write that one!!

Pete said...

You're right I didn't. :) I hope you didn't take it either.

Anonymous said...

I see that "Pink and fluffy" is winning. Ros, how many times have you voted?

Ros said...

Possibly more than once. Though I'm not admitting to any charges of vote-rigging.

I like smaller fonts and no underlining - the layout you have now seems to me a bit big and unwieldy.