Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saddleworth Mission 2008

Ever heard of Saddleworth in West Yorkshire? No? Me neither. At least not until I agreed to help my college tutor organise a mission with two parish churches there for this easter week.

As a result, I'll be there from tomorrow onwards, helping brothers and sisters in Christ take the good news of easter to their neighbours. The first event is an open air service complete with brass band (Brassed Off anyone?) at which I'm giving a brief Palm Sunday talk. The last events are services on Easter sunday. In between there's coffee mornings, school assemblies, and other events filled with eastery goodness.

If you get a chance, please pray for us (there's a team of 7 of us going from Oak Hill). If I get a chance I might blog on location about how it's going.


dave williams said...

I can't believe you've not heard of Saddleworth!

Neil Jeffers said...

Slightly gloomily, was Saddleworth Moor not one of the sites of the Moors Murders?

Pete said...

Neil, yes it was.

Dave, yeah, I am that ignorant. City boy y'see.