Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Gospel for all of Life 2

Here are some notes from two seminars I did here last weekend for various leaders of various ministries. The overall title was 'Far-reaching Discipleship: The Gospel for all of life' and the sessions had the very simple aim of trying to expand everyone's concept of what being and making disciples involves. Session 1 had argued that the gospel is centred upon Jesus' Lordship.

Session 2: Because Jesus is Lord, discipleship is deep and wide

Matthew 28:18-20
The logic of the great commission - because Jesus has all authority, go and disciple. The job of making disciples is to be as all-encompassing as Jesus’ Lordship is (all authority - all nations - all that Jesus commanded). All-encompassing Lordship mean all-encompassing discipleship.

1. Discipleship is wide

A. Every Nation
The bible speaks expansively of the number of the redeemed. Jesus’ kingdom will be the biggest the world has ever known.

B. Every Person
As long as someone denies that Jesus is Lord the work of making disciples continues.

2. Discipleship is deep

A. The Whole Person
2 Corinthians 10:5 & Deuteronomy 6:4-5. No part of us is off-limits to the gospel.

B. The Whole of Life
No sacred-secular divide. No neutral zone. No closet Christianity

Examples of areas we usually don't think of in this way: Politics, Culture/Art/Music, Work.

The gospel of Jesus’ Lordship should shape how we think about and how we do everything.

This changes the way we read the bible/ the questions we ask. What does the bible tells us about architecture, psychology, medical biology, greengrocery, chewing gum, fashion, beer, the environment, weather, dentistry, playing the oboe, fishing, parenting? We should expect the bible to speak to all of these areas.

Everything belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ and until everything is organised and ordered under him and his ways, then it is not ordered correctly.

3. Conclusion and Expectations

The gospel is moral, cultural, global. So, therefore, is discipleship.

Progress is real. Therefore expect it, pray for it, plan for it.

Progress is progressive. Therefore be patient (God is).

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