Thursday, March 15, 2007

New York, Lowestoft, Sheffield

Over the next few weeks I'll be here (for research, learning, idea-thieving) then here (for a mission week) then here (for r and r) and London for some bits in between them all. Hopefully I'll be able at some point to blog some of what I've been seeing/learning/doing. In the meantime however it's likely to go a little quiet here for a while.


Ros said...

What dates are you in NYC? Is it just you or are you coming with others?

Pete said...

I'm there from saturday to thursday. I'm with three others (all from Christ Church Central). Not sure what time we'll get to see the sights, though any recommendations are warmly received.

Ros said...

Well, I really enjoyed the boat trip to the Statue of Liberty. We walked back past Ground Zero which was also extraordinary in its own way.

Chris said...

Hi Pete,
When you're in Lowestoft you'll be at my home church! I might even be there when you're there (depending when I go home fore Easter)!

Be great to see you there and catch up soon!

Dawn said...

I'm all for the idea thieving, research and learning in New York...but you must also go up the Empire State Building, go to Statten Island and walk around Central Park! Have a great warned the jet lag coming home is a killer!

Pete said...

Thanks Dawn. I think we were in the US at roughly the same time.

The funniest thing was watching 'the devil wears prada two days after returning and seeing the main character walk into the steak house that we'd been in on our last night in new york!

Photos will follow soon.