Monday, October 23, 2006

Women Preaching to Men and Ordination and all that kind of thing

Following on from this post, Sandy Grant (an Anglican Minister in Sydney) has kindly sent me details of his response to Graham Cole's paper on Women teaching Men in the Church which he gave at Oak Hill earlier this year (and which also seems to be doing the rounds in Sydney). Sandy's paper addresses each of Graham's seven points/considerations very ably and also contains a handy link to Graham's original paper online.

Sandy Grant's paper can be read HERE

Graham Cole's paper (for those who don't have access to the copy on Acorn) can be read HERE


Sandy Grant said...

Thanks, Pete, for bumping this up. By the way, did you meet my friend, Mandy, when she was at Oak Hill, on the 6th month exchange from Moore?


Pete said...

Yeah I did. Although she was in mainly third year classes and at that point I was but a humble first year. From the sounds of things her dissertation will have some bearing on these kinds of issues.