Monday, October 02, 2006

Blog Tag

The Bluefish tagged me so here goes...

Why do you Blog?
Practical reasons - writing helps me think myself clear on an issue/issues. It also means I have somewhere to store the thoughts I have so I don't lose them, and an interactive format for sharing them with others.
Other reasons - At my best, it's because I love the truth about and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and thinking outloud and online about him and with his people will only serve to glorify his name and help re-make me (and who knows, maybe some others) in his image. At my worst, because I love myself and I crave the praise and admiration of others.

How long have you blogged for?
This is post 64. The first was December 2005, though I didn't really get going until this summer.

Which of your posts gets too little attention?
I suspect very few people want to read my exegetical paper on Deuteronomy 34 (see here), although I enjoyed doing it.

What was the last search phrase someone used to find your blog?
'Don Carson'. Ahh, we all owe that man such a debt anyway, and now I owe him an even greater one.

Your Current Favourite Blog?
Mmmm, at the moment I'm loving some of the discussions over at Daniel Newman's Blog though Big Pete has so much more to say on his blog than his lean back-catologue suggests.

Which blog did you read most recently?
That'll be the Bluefish again (which is how I found out he tagged me). He blogs with much thought and not a little passion. Bring it on.

Which feeds do you subscribe to?

Which 4 blogs are you tagging with this meme and why?
Big Pete because he's so funny and he really needs to get some more material on the blogosphere.
Ros because she's in the USA and we at Oak Hill miss her.
Daniel Newman because his blog is good and more people should see it.
Helen because she gave me biscuits the other day.


Big Pete said...

Thank you for the encouragement to blog more. I will see what I can do to keep you amused.

Maybe we should do ministry together int he future, you do the serious theological stuff and I can do the winsome be all things to all men stuff!!

Ros said...

Ahhh. I miss you all too!