Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Gleanings from the WC

More about George Whitefield's preaching (I should mention he was massively used by God in a trans-atlantic revival - literally thousands came to Christ through him);

He was not content, as many, with sticking on a meagre tail-piece of application at the end of a long discourse. On the contrary, a constant vein of application ran through all this sermons.

And more;

It was no uncommon thing with him to weep profusely in the pulpit...He felt intensely for the souls before him, and his feelings found an outlet in tears...(this) smoothed down the prejudices which many had conceived against him. They could not hate the man who wept so much over their souls. 'I came to hear you' said one man to him; 'with my pocket full of stones, intending to break your head; but your sermon ot the better of me, and broke my heart.' Once become satisfied that a man loves you, and you will listen gladly to anything he has to say.

I'm going to make sure my sermons are riddled with thought out prayerful application.

I'm going to pray for the Whitefield kind of love for people.

(The quotes are from a J. C. Ryle essay about Whitfield in a book called 'Select Sermons of George Whitefield', in case you're interested)

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