Thursday, May 25, 2006

Coming Soon

Over the weekend I read Steve Chalke's new book 'The Intelligent Church', about re-shaping the church and her mission for the challenges of 21st century post-christian, post-modern, post-everything society.

Chalke's ability to ask so many of the right questions and come up with the worst answers left me sad and frustrated. I plan to put a review of it up on this blog, mainly because it is a book that is bound to be popular and widely read and therefore its ideas will be influential in the 'evangelical world' - especially (given the subject matter) in circles where church planting is on the agenda. But as this week is revision week and next week is exam week it'll have to wait.

So there's something to look forward to.

If you're interested in praying, my exams are as follows

Tuesday: Doctrine (1.5 hours)
Wednesday: Hebrew (3 hours)
Thursday: New Testament (1.5 hours)
Friday: Greek (3 hours)

By friday lunchtime the fun will be all over. Then cometh the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pete! Can we put the review up on the Christ Church Central web site when it's ready?