Friday, December 14, 2007

Redeeming Television?

“Redemptive cultural discourse seeks to redeem culture from a fallen world, to rehabilitate, to reconfigure, and to reorient culture to the glory and service of God, that is, to cause culture to affirm God as the awesome and beautiful Lord of creation.” (Here for full article)

Here's probably the biggest question I have coming away from my own seminar on television. What does the above look like in the case of television?

Some people might think television is simply irredeemable (others might get itchy at the use of the language of redemption for anything other than people, but I might blog on that another day).

And for sure, human technology is not neutral, nothing is.

And certainly there's a whole load of godless bilge out there on the box.

But then they're not necessarily evil in and of themselves either. Rather, they're biased (thanks to Doug Wilson, via David Batchelor for this) - prone to certain specific temptations and tendencies. Like money.

And that doesn't mean TV is irredeemable.


scott gray said...


i don't want to hijack peter's blog, and i don't have an email address for you, so i'll leave this non-sequiter here:

i've written a bit about metaphors here:

your cows, because they are about real things, strike me more as schema (plural, schemata) which i've thought about here:

if it pleases you, come think and argue with me!!



Pete said...

Thanks Scott. I'll take a look and have a think.

Everyone else - this relates to a comment I left here: