Monday, December 18, 2006

Ashes to Ashes

It's over.

In the end, the best side won.

My humble suggestions for salvaging something of the series? Jones out, Reid in. Captaincy to Strauss to give Flintoff a chance to play his natural game. Possibly play another batsman (and drop Mahmood) and let Flintoff drop down the order to take the pressure off and get him bowling better. Collingwood can always be the fifth bowler if necessary.


Neil said...

Read in: yes, yes, yes!
Captaincy to Strauss: probably.
Flintoff plus only three other bowlers: No! 1. His ankle. 2. Harmison's inconsistency. 3. Collingwood's a great ODI bowler, but hopeless in Tests.

The answer: a fit Simon Jones!

Pete said...

I reckon there were three areas were we outplayed the aussies last year and that made all thee differen to the outcome (there were other good performances but these things clinched an extremely close series)
a. Vaughan's captaincy (Ponting was no match, and probably still isn't)
b. Reverse-swing bowling (especially from Simon Jones)
c. Freddie Flintoff's ability to turn a situation around with bat and/or ball

Since a. and b. are pretty much out of reach for the present at least, I reckon giving Freddie a fighting chance to simply play cricket rather than focus on the captaincy would be a very good thing.

You're probably right about the bowling attack.

Pete said...

*where* not *were*