Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christian Unions in the press and in the dock

Three articles in the Times about what's been going on with various Christian Unions around the country.

This one and also this one are about potential legal action from various CUs against their unions.

This one is a comment on religious extremism and the place of religion in public life by Ruth Gledhill.

Three (not at all profound) thoughts off the back of those articles.

1. All of which seems to highlight the sort of times we are living in and the kinds of issues we are going to have to speak about carefully and clearly, lovingly and boldly. And be prepared to go to prison for.

2. Which in turn could be a good thing if it means Ruth Gledhill is correct and we are seeing an end to the days when religion could be put safely away in its box. I suspect this is probably not the case but it could be that we are seeing the start of such a change. And surely it would be better to be marginalised and despised and imprisoned for Christ than blandly ignored. Opposition has to be better than apathy. And a little more 'extremism' (both christian and secular) could be a good things if it means we are rescued from what Ruth Gledhill calls "woolly Anglican liberalism" and death-by-the-Archbishop's-nuances.

3. Most importantly, we should pray pray pray for our brothers and sisters in CUs and in UCCF.

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Johnny Ong said...

really pray that you guys there will make an impact