Thursday, August 24, 2006

A great deal of rubbish is put out in cyberspace, especially in the relatively fresh (to me at least) blogosphere. Contrary to all that is the excellent website of David Field who is one of my college lecturers, which can be found by clicking HERE. Highlights include
  • David Field's blog (updated a lot more regularly than this one)
  • An entirely FREE audio bible in mp3 format
  • All kinds of goodies in the articles section, including a pdf of Thomas Goodwin's treatise on Election (very worth reading if you're interested in thinking about infant baptism and how that relates to salvation by grace)
  • Lecture notes for Introduction to Christian ethics, The Book of Revelation and Puritan Models of Ministry Oak Hill modules



Stov said...

hey bro..Andy Stovell here. W?o is the Pilgrim guy? Do you know him?

thebluefish said...

hi pete

did u manage to download Goodwin on Election - I can't get it to work. Any chance emailing it to me relaydave at hotmail com

nice blog.

DavidF said...

you kind bloke
many thanks