Thursday, December 15, 2005

Welcome to my blog

Dear All
I have set this blog up for two main reasons

1. As an easier way of keeping friends up to date with our news, what we are doing and how it's all going down here in the big smoke

2. As somewhere to post my thoughts, reflections, ideas, half-ideas, rants, random thoughts and musings, especially so that people can let me know what they think (feedback is so important in the whole learning process).

So, for example, I might put here the odd story (especially if it's slightly funny) or two about how college is going, what's happening in our church down here, what we've been up to and so on. I might also use this blog to talk about a talk I've got coming up and where I'm at in understanding the passage, an idea I've been thinking about, something that has struck me in my quiet time (yet another reason to make sure I keep having one), something I've read/seen recently that made me think, an assignment I'm chewing on. People can then make comments, suggest things, rebuke and correct, laugh or cry (whatever seems the most appropriate). With the college stuff in particular the hope is that this (you all) might help me keep what I am learning rooted in the reality of real life and experience.

Clear? Good. Watch this space.


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